Print editions at Barnes &






I’ve signed a new deal that will allow my books to be carried in retail bookstores (yeah!) and with on-line retailers like Barnes &, not just Amazon.

This means that if you have a favourite little independant brick & mortar bookstore or even a big store down at your local mall that you like to step into instead of always buying on-line, and you’re still reading in paperback, you can now order my books with them.  If you get the print ISBN from Amazon (not the ebook one — it’s different) and my name and the book’s titles, the bookstore will be able to find the book in their Ingram or Baker & Taylor database and order it in for you…and perhaps some for their store shelves.

It also means that right now, you can flip over to Barnes & and buy the first three of my books to be put up on their site.

Happy Saturday!


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