Sexy Lips on Men…Revisited.

oded_fehr_011I’m sure this has happened to you.  You’re having a conversation with friends and everyone is chatting happily, the topics keep moving around, then you happen to say something that you think is completely innocuous.

Suddenly, conversation stops and you can hear crickets chirping.  Everyone is looking at you and you can feel yourself mentally backtracking.  What did I just say?  Why is everyone looking at me that way?  Then, people start reacting.  Perhaps everyone busts out laughing, or they leap on what you said, nodding and adding their own two cents worth, and you’re left blinking, astounded that your little, innocent comment got the reaction it did.

Blogging is a lot like that.  Sometimes, as a blogger, I’ll put up posts that I think are fun, or interesting to me, but completely innocent and not in the least click-bait-like.  But when the post goes live, the amount of traffic that it generates is staggering.  People come from all over the place.

One example of this was a Pulse Pause Moment post I did about Oded Fehr, quite a few years ago now.  (Ardeth Bay from The Mummy and The Mummy II.)  I have a thing for tall, dark, exotic looking men and personally think Ardeth Bay is the most interesting character in the whole movie franchise.  But not everyone agrees with me — clearly, because there are whole fan groups dedicated to Nicholas Cage, for example.  The only movie I can stand watching Cage in is Moonstruck and that’s because Cher and the rest of the cast more than make up for him.

So I didn’t think anything about the little post about Oded Fehr until traffic started rumbling in.  The traffic stats spiked so hard, the webhost I was using at the time shut down my blog for hogging resources, forcing me to make a fast dash to a new host with higher bandwidth tolerances.  I also took down the post, afraid that it might cause another spike and force me to make yet another move.

Another “little” post I put up was “Pretty Lips on Men – What Makes Them Kissable?“, a few years ago.  It was a sleeper post.   I looked up a few weeks later and noticed it was getting consistent and high traffic — although, not high enough to shut me down (yay!).

With the move to the new site, we made the post an article page of its own.  Yet, even today, the article is at the top of my stats chart.

I’ve now added the article to the Article for Readers page.

See if you can guess who all the pretty lips belong to!

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  1. OMG I love that guy and Moonstruck is one of my favorites also because of Cher. Just had to let you know

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