Happy Dads’ Day

Liane Metzler It's Fathers' Day in North America (Australia and the UK have theirs in September, and other countries are dotted all over the calendar), which is when I get to pause and acknowledge. For dads everywhere, have a great day. Cheers, . Get the news that no one else does.

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Father’s Day 2017…Except for Aussie Dads.

  The third Sunday in June is Father's/Fathers'/Fathers Day for a whole swhack of countries, including the UK, USA and Canada.  Look at them: The holdout among the western nations is Australia.  Australia's Father's Day is in September and often coincides with the footie grand final.  :) There are a handful of other countries that

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Hug your dad.

It’s Father’s Day for everyone in Canada and the US. For those of you with dads within reaching distance, enjoy your day. Here’s some trivia for you. The actual spelling of the holiday was always intended to be “Fathers’ Day” -- with the apostrophe on the other side of the ‘s’, which makes it a

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Happy Aussie Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day to all the dads sitting down under right now -- including mine -- and all the Australian Dad scattered around the world. On yer, mate. __________