Round Out Your Scandalous Collection!

These days, I’m completing the Scandalous Family–The Victorians series, which will one day be followed by the Scandalous Family–The Edwardians series. And yes, I have the Edwardians series roughly mapped out, too.

But many readers trip across the previous series, the Scandalous Scions series, before they hear of any of the related series, simply because there are more books in that series.

In fact, there is a series which precedes that one, the Scandalous Sirens series, the one which started it all. This is a series of three books, two of which were co-written with J.A. Templeton, back in the very early days of Ellora’s Cave. In fact, even though the first two books were written for EC, they are so tame compared to later EC standards, that I suspect EC would reject them now (if EC was still around).

If you’re in that camp of readers who didn’t realize there was an original series which started it all, and you’re a fan of the Scandalous series, then you can hop into the original series for minimal outlay for the next few days.

Scandalous Sirens Series

Only until June 21, the first two books in the Scandalous Sirens series are discounted all the way down to 99c/99p.


This is, unfortunately, only for US and UK readers (or those who can buy books from or Please shout at Amazon if this annoys you–they limit the distribution of Countdown deals and penalize me if I discount manually. If everyone complains enough, maybe they’ll spread the love.

BUT, if you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can download both books at your local Amazon.

Only a few days, so don’t hesitate!


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