Fool. I’ll always come back…

I haven’t made it very secret that my favourite heroes are Brody and Veris.

That might leave you with the impression that I don’t care for any of the other heroes I’ve created, which isn’t true at all.

But I did overlook one of them and took him for granted for a very long time.

Lemme explain that.

The Kiss Across Time series is a bit different from the average romance series (is there such a thing as an average series, anymore?). The first three books featured the same heroes and heroine, with Taylor getting the first story, Veris being the focus of the next, and then Brody taking his turn.

So I thought, when I moved on to the next trio, that I’d stick with the structure I’d accidentally built, as it was a good one.

So I wrote Alex’s story, then a hybrid story that didn’t really focus on anyone properly, but was an awful lot of fun. Then Sydney’s story screamed at me to write it (and I did, in a white hot three week fever)…and then I was forced to move on to the next threesome.

That was because in Sydney’s story, I needed a character who could teach everyone about alternative universes, in order to open the story world up to quantum theory principals.

I couldn’t go on to write Rafe’s story next, without pausing to incorporate Neven and his loves into the story world.

So I wrote Neven’s story next.

And then another story about Brody and Veris…and in all that time, I was berating myself for messing with the system.

The problem is, Alex and Veris and Brody are such strong characters, that they tend to take over any story they’re in.

I had that in the back of my mind when I settled in to plan More Time Kissed Moments. And that’s where the story’s theme came from. And the book is a single story, despite being a collection of short stories and snippets (you’ll see what I mean when you read it — or if you’ve already read Time Kissed Moments, then you already know what I mean).

Rafe might be one of the quieter heroes, but he’s a mover and shaker, all the same.

More Time Kissed Moments was a salute to that quality in him. It is released today on all bookseller sites.

Where is Rafael?

Rafael is missing, with not a trace of him to be found, not even on the Timescape.

In a volume of interconnected short stories, snippets and conversations, Veris’ extended family of vampires and time jumpers comes together in unexpected ways, united by their need to find Rafael and get him back.

Reader Advisory: This time travel ménage romance collection features at least two super-hot alpha vampire heroes, multiple sex scenes, including anal sex and MM sexual play. Do not read this book if frank sexual language and sex scenes offend you. The time-space continuum was restored to order at the end of this book. Promise.

This book is part of the Kiss Across Time paranormal time travel series:
1.0: Kiss Across Time
2.0: Kiss Across Swords
2.5: Time Kissed Moments*
3.0: Kiss Across Chains
4.0: Kiss Across Deserts
5.0: Kiss Across Kingdoms
5.1: Time And Tyra Again*
6.0: Kiss Across Seas
7.0: Kiss Across Worlds
7.1: Time And Remembrance*
8.0: Kiss Across Tomorrow
8.1: More Time Kissed Moments*

The characters and events in this series are interconnected from book to book. Reading the books in order is strongly encouraged.

[*Short stories and novellas featuring the characters and situations featured in the Kiss Across Time series].

A Vampire Time Travel Romance Collection

Praise for the Kiss Across Time Series:

OH MY ! What an engrossing read. I really loved the way time travel was woven into the story. Tracy’s descriptions are so vivid YOU ARE THERE.

The tales were short but so satisfying, it was wonderful to catch up with some old friends from previous books, to see what happened to them or how their histories intertwined with Veris and Brody.

This reminds me of watching “out-takes” after an animated movie. You know they were written special, but they add a lot of depth to the characters and provide some back story. If you enjoy history you will especially enjoy these glimpses into the past (or was that the future?).

I am an unabashed Tracy Cooper-Posey fan but this has to be my favorite series.

Have you ever viewed the world through a kaleidoscope? Beautiful images connected together at multiple locations.

These little snippets of stories are fantastic, every time you get to see how much love the vampires feel for each other, and how that love transcends time, they can go off and have adventures but they know that they will always come back, drawn together by love and some pretty fantastic sex as well!

I admire how the author made me feel like I was reading a book with one storyline when she writes about different events and basically strings together a series of short stories into one. Very well done. It was also nice to get some more in depth information about the characters.

Tracy weaves these colorful little shorts into a tapestry that gives insight into the past lives of Veris and Brody. They sends my imagination flying!

More Time Kissed Moments is $2.99 USD only for a few more days, then will be raised to the full retail price of $4.99.

There are also a lot of promos and a massive giveaway happening in association with the launch, that features a $25 gift card to the bookstore of your choiceClick here for details about the giveaway.

Also, as the header at the top of this email informs you, for this first week of the release, the first two books of the series are discounted, so if you haven’t yet dipped your toe into the series, this will make it easier.

Book 1:  Kiss Across Time.  99 cents until end of May 7  [Details]

Book 2:  Kiss Across Chains:  $2.99 until end of May 7  [Details]


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