Two November Giveaways Start Early!

Two November Giveaways Start Early! Great header image, huh? 32 SFR or Fantasy romance novels. No excerpts or samples. Out Of This World Romance And I just adore this one! 47 Fantasy and Urban Fantasy novels, no samples or excerpts. Honor and Magic Cheers, . Take my stories on a test run.  4 full novels

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Spicy Fall Suspense

59 books, including samples and excerpts. Which reminds me. I wanted to touch on this one, because I get a lot of emails from readers who hate the partials and samples, etc, and won't even click on them, if they suspect they're not full books. You might be missing out. If an author has a

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Sexy Beasts and Warrior Women - Promos!! 17 books. Erotic Romance Giveaway 107 books in this one -- something for everyone! ONE COOL MONTH--STAY WARM WITH A ROMANCE Love the header image for this one! 65 SFR, FR, UFR...all the spec-fic sub-genres! SEXY BEASTS & WARRIOR WOMEN Cheers, . Take my stories on

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More Giveaways.

More Giveaways. Cool header, huh? 60 books, all sub-genres of PNR, including excerpts and samples. Free Paranormal Romance ​​Only 7 books, all set in the world of King Arthur, or related in some way. Arthurian Reads 96 books, including samples and excerpts. All sub-genres of romance. August One Hot Month​ ​​Enjoy! Cheers, .

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Stack of Giveaways!

Stack of Giveaways! It's the first, so there's a stack of new promos! I'll only have a few per day, instead of swamping you with dozens in one hit.   Ignore the grammar error in the title! Lies and Alibis Romantic Suspense Giveaway I Love Romance Giveaway. There's no header image for this one. If

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July Free Romance Reads

  127 Books, across all romance sub-genres. Something for everyone. July 1 to July 31   Also, don't forget to check my Freebies page for an always current list of giveaways and deals. - t. Cheers, here Massive 100th Book Giveaway! 124 prizes worth a total of $2,650, and everyone who enters gets

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Sci-Fi Invasion Giveaway

Sci-Fi Invasion Giveaway I think I'm old school or too much of a purist. To me, when I see "sci-fi", I think television, and schlocky films. Do you? To me, science fiction novels, magazines, short stories, etc. are all either "science fiction" or SF. But times change. (don't look at my silver hair!) Sci-Fi Invasion

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One Hot Summer Giveaway

One Hot Summer Giveaway There's some man chest on show for this one, so be careful browsing the giveaway if you're at work! Summer is almost here. To celebrate grab some sizzling reads. While the stories might not take place on a beach, they will leave the reader searching for water... One Hot Summer Giveaway

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