Another couple Kickstarter’s you might like to back!

If you loved Under the Tuscan Sun, starring  Diane Lane, then you might like this special edition, because the story that goes with it reminds me a lot of this movie — even though one is set in Italy and the book is set in France.  It seems to have the same sensibilities — she speaks of the scent of lavender, and a villa soaking up the sun.

Very evocative.

There’s only a few days to go on this project so check it out soon.

On a rather different note; this is an intriguing sounding, female-lead epic fantasy book one of three up on kickstarter: The Quill and the Vial.

Author Bree Moore doesn’t use the word Druid in her description, but just the first line of the blurb “Plants lie, and Jayce can hear them.” has me wanting to take a look at this book myself!

Moore is also rather generously letting you read the first three chapters for free! So go and try before you buy, I know it’s on my list now.

Only 6 days left on this over 1,000% funded project:


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