Because You Haven’t Got Enough To Do….

Rubik’s Cube became super popular when I was in high school and I drove my parents crazy for weeks until they bought me one.  It seemed like everyone in school was carrying one around, trying to solve them.

My brother, who was mentally disabled, proved he wasn’t that challenged when he creatively peeled off all the stickers on his cube and put them back so that the cube was “solved”.

One of the girls at school was a freak.  She could solve her cube without looking at it.  She drove us all crazy by carrying on a full conversation while her hands manipulated the cube. 

I wanted to be like that.  I could probably get to a point where solving the cube was doable, but I’d have to spend time learning how to solve the thing, and there’s just too many calls on my time.

Several years ago, I came across this on-line Rubik’s Cube puzzle and bookmarked it, because in the back of my mind, in my infinite spare time, I would learn how to solve the Cube once and for all.


It never happened.

So I thought I’d pass it on to you guys, for the geeks and nerds at heart to play with.


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