A Gargoyle of a Different Nature…

I love paisley patterns. Paisley fabric is out of fashion these days, but in Victorian times it was hugely popular. The teardrop shape with the curl at the top originated in Persia. However, textile manufacturers in the Victorian era adopted the pattern. The most popular garments using the paisley patten were shawls, called Kashmir shawls,

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End of an Era…er…Series. :)

If you read the reviews on Amazon and elsewhere for Sabrina's Clan, which came out last Thursday, there is a lot of weeping and rending of garments because it is the last book in the series. I've also had some "interesting" email direct from readers demanding requesting I write more books in the series. This

UNBEARABLE – Now Officially Out There!

Following up on my speed-kills post the other day ("Unbearable"), when I explained how I shot myself in the foot, and didn't have a book page to point to, even though I had finished the book.... Well, now I have the book page and the cover.  As predicted, Dar Albert has done a wonderful job

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Harvest of Holidays is Out!

Harvest of Holidays Harvest of Holidays, book 2.1 in The Stonebrood Saga, featuring a return of Carson and Tally from Carson's Night, is now available.  Also featuring gargoyles, vampires and demon hunters, this is a tightly packed little story. Here's the blurb for Harvest of Holidays: Carson Connor’s final story. Six years have passed

Carson and Tally are back!

The first story in my new and improved production schedule for 2015 rolls off the production line next week. Carson and Tally, the hero and heroine from Carson's Night, are back.  They get a continuation of their story in Harvest of Holidays.  This is book 2.1 in The Stonebrood Saga, if you're counting.   And yes,

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CARSON’S NIGHT – Vampires + Gargoyles MF Romance. Free Until Sunday

Please take note of the date of this post! If you're reading this somewhere in the future, the book is probably no longer available for free and I don't want you to be disappointed. Check the date line! :) _____________ Carson's Night is the first book in the vampire + gargoyle series, The Stonebrood Saga.

BEAUTY’S BEASTS is out — MMF Gargoyle Vampire Romance Series

It's been a very long few years, but with the release of Beauty's Beasts, I have finally retrieved all my previously published books from their original publishers, and published them myself. The difference between legacy and indie publishing means that I have been able to micro-manage the covers (yay for Dar Albert!), plus put all