Carson and Tally are back!

Harvest - Title Page shadowThe first story in my new and improved production schedule for 2015 rolls off the production line next week.

Carson and Tally, the hero and heroine from Carson’s Night, are back.  They get a continuation of their story in Harvest of Holidays.  This is book 2.1 in The Stonebrood Saga, if you’re counting.   And yes, Book 3.0, Sabrina’s Clan, is on my production list for 2015, too.

Here’s the blurb for Harvest of Holidays:

Carson Connor’s final story.

Six years have passed since Natalia Grey destroyed the demon Azazel, after he brought back to life six members of the last gargoyle clan to exist, the Stonebrood Clan. Now happily married to Carson Connors, Tally is working with Nick Sherwood and Damien, two vampires who have also vowed to destroy the clan, along with hunter friends across the country.

Life couldn’t be better, until the clan shows disturbing signs that they have insider knowledge on each and every demon hunter, and uses that knowledge against them, with tragic results.

Warning: This book contains a sex scene that uses frank language and imagery.

This is a novella length story (about 80 pages long), and is best read after the first two books in the series, to avoid spoilers.

This is Book 2.1 in The Stonebrood Saga:
Book 1.0:  Carson’s Night 
Book 2.0:  Beauty’s Beasts
Book 2.1:  Harvest of Holidays
Book 3.0:  Sabrina’s Clan (Upcoming)

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Harvest of Holidays will be officially released next Friday — January 9, 2015.





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