Harvest of Holidays is Out!

Harvest of Holidays Harvest of Holidays, book 2.1 in The Stonebrood Saga, featuring a return of Carson and Tally from Carson's Night, is now available.  Also featuring gargoyles, vampires and demon hunters, this is a tightly packed little story. Here's the blurb for Harvest of Holidays: Carson Connor’s final story. Six years have passed

CARSON’S NIGHT – Vampires, gargoyles and demons! Out Now!

The start of another vampire series!  Carson's Night is book 1 of The Stonebrood Saga, which features vampires, demon hunters, demons -- and gargoyles, of course -- plus new paranormal creatures to play with. It’s August 1977 in New York city and the stunning new Star Wars movie is smashing all box office records. The

It’s Just A Job – High Elves

It's Just A Job - High Elves This is a continuation of the It's just a Job series, that has survived the loss of the blog, transition to the newsletter, newsletter/blog hybrid and back to this blog again. Some of the series can be found on my articles pages, including the most recent installment, Dark Elves,

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