A Gargoyle of a Different Nature…

I love paisley patterns. Paisley fabric is out of fashion these days, but in Victorian times it was hugely popular. The teardrop shape with the curl at the top originated in Persia. However, textile manufacturers in the Victorian era adopted the pattern. The most popular garments using the paisley patten were shawls, called Kashmir shawls,

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Harvest of Holidays is Out!

Harvest of Holidays Harvest of Holidays, book 2.1 in The Stonebrood Saga, featuring a return of Carson and Tally from Carson's Night, is now available.  Also featuring gargoyles, vampires and demon hunters, this is a tightly packed little story. Here's the blurb for Harvest of Holidays: Carson Connor’s final story. Six years have passed

Gargoyles as heroes? Werewolves are bad enough.

Even when I was running a separate site for Teal Ceagh and, as I mentioned somewhere else, being myself “with the volume turned up,” one of my enduring themes on www.TealCeagh.com was vampires vs. werewolves.  Even then, werewolves came a poor second. I tried very hard to give the furry ones a fair go.  I

CARSON’S NIGHT – Vampires, gargoyles and demons! Out Now!

The start of another vampire series!  Carson's Night is book 1 of The Stonebrood Saga, which features vampires, demon hunters, demons -- and gargoyles, of course -- plus new paranormal creatures to play with. It’s August 1977 in New York city and the stunning new Star Wars movie is smashing all box office records. The

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