UNBEARABLE – Now Officially Out There!

Unbearable WebFollowing up on my speed-kills post the other day (“Unbearable“), when I explained how I shot myself in the foot, and didn’t have a book page to point to, even though I had finished the book….

Well, now I have the book page and the cover.  As predicted, Dar Albert has done a wonderful job capturing the moodiness and emotion of the story.

And I just love the gargoyle on the front.  I think that’s a perfect Valdeg.  If you’ve read Harvest of Holidays, you’ll remember Valdeg, I’m sure.

Unbearable will be officially released on May 26th, but it is already available for pre-order.

There’s also an excerpt on the book page, along with the buy links, which I’ll keep updating as the new buy URLs come to hand.  Click here to get both.


P.S.:  Book 1 of The Stonebrood Saga, Carson’s Night, is free everywhere, just by the by.

Also, if you would like a personalized reminder when Unbearable is officially released (May 26), sign up for my newsletter (and get a book free), where you’ll hear before anyone else, even this blog.



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