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3D KineOooh!  So much to tell you!

First off, Mark and I both took a week off work, this past week, and we have been working our butts off, doing major maintenance on all my books — it was badly needed in some cases.  I’ve been indie publishing for four years, and already, the older books were starting to look old.

Not anymore!

Also, while I had time, freedom from interuptions and access to my Schwarzenegger-strength computer, I went through all the book pages here on the site and tidied them up.  I realize that nothing moves without my say-so here, but I swear!  Things moved, have gone missing, or were just wrong, all while my back was turned.   Gremlins….

That’s also all cleaned up, including as much as possible, all the links for all the books.

That’s something else:  As of today, all but two of my books have been pulled out of the KDP Select program, and the last two will be dropping out in the next 30 days.  That means I’m free — at last — to offer them for sale everywhere:  iTunes, Kobo, ARE, B&N…they’re all there.

The last two, Bannockburn Binding and Carson’s Night, will be uploaded to other retail sites as their Select membership lapses.

Even better:  The lead book in each major series is now being offered for free.  So, you get the benefits of the Select program (five days of free) permanently.  Another way to look at it:  You get the benefits of Kindle Unlimited, but everywhere.

Also, while I was tooling around the site, and flicking the dust out the windows, I re-jigged all my book covers.  The Branded Rose Prophecy, on the right, is just one example.  Isn’t it very cool?

There’s other types of 3D covers all over the site, including skinny ones for short stories, and big thick hardcovers for the anthologies and boxed sets.  So you can instantly get a feel for what the book is.

If you read my blog posts via Facebook or a newsfeed reader, you might want to flip over to the site itself and have a quick cruise around. Here’s the link:



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