So you may have wondered about the abrupt and echoing silence that has been my major form of communication for a while.

Chirping crickets have been louder, I know.

There are generally two reasons that bloggers go silent — either they’ve suddenly discovered that blogging is really hard  and they lose interest in it.  Posts peter out and become more infrequent until they stop altogether.  Eventually the blog gathers dust until one day it quietly disappears.

The other most frequent reason is that the blogger has had personal crises and upheavals that have prevented them from attending their blog as diligently as they would like.  So posts go adrift until they can return with a dustbuster and renewed enthusiasm.

Guess which camp I’m in?

Yeah, alas.

If I were in the first category, I would have stopped this crazy game, oh, about three years ago.

I won’t go into detail about the more personal elements of the family situations that have dogged us for about the last six months, because I know that family members read this blog and I don’t want to stir up unnecessary emotions, and it’s really not for public consumption.

But for me personally, it has been a hard, uphill slog since Christmas last year.  I hung in there as long as I could, keeping all the balls in the air, but they slowly began to drop one by one.  We dashed off to Australia in May, which didn’t help, and as soon as we returned I began the ego-destroying and time-inhaling task of finding a better-paying full time job, while we eeked out a living on my paltry $9/hr shift work and tried to sweet-talk credit card companies into being nice to us just one more time…

On September 1, I started that job.  I’m now a public servant, and earning nearly four times what I was as a barista.  While the finances will take a while to smooth themselves out, Mark and I can finally see daylight.  And it’s very sweet.

Also a huge plus:  I can start writing again.  Since I returned from Australia in May I haven’t really progressed at all on the sequel to Blood Knot, because finding another job was such a desparately all-important and time-consuming priority.  But now I’m a 9-5 suit again, and have a predictable, stable routine, I can already feel the creativity starting to fire up and the juices starting to flow.

Which is good news for you.

More news in the days and weeks to come.  Plus excerpts.  I know you love ’em.





2 thoughts on “Gone”

  1. I can comiserate um commeserate, oh wait, what the hell. I feel your pain I to have had to deal with life changes recently. I am on the backside of it as well, having made some major/minor changes. I want to say I love all your books, and wait with bated breath for Veris, Brody and Taylors next book. Keep your chin up.

    1. Hi Cindi:

      If you love Veris, Brody and Taylor (and I adore them), then you’ll be pleased to know I’m halfway through Kiss Across Chains, the third in the series. It’ll be a wee while before it hits the shelves, though — the Blood Knot series seems to be what readers want most of right now. But as those three own a small peice of my own heart, I’ll find a way to finish their story. Soon.


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