My Life/Working Notes – Mar 20, 2015

kiss-across-deserts-web-copyI’m getting Kiss Across Deserts ready for publication.

The last three books have centred around Taylor, Brody and Veris, my most favourite threesome. So Kiss Across Deserts is a departure from the first three books, because this is Alexander’s story.

You might remember he was facing a crisis of identity in Kiss Across Chains. That crisis has worsened in the year since that book closed. But salvation may be at hand. There is the lovely Sydney Stevens that stopped his pulse and still lingers in his heart and mind. Then there is a new distraction – very new, in Alexander’s case.   Rafael, Veris’ and Brody’s old friend from Constantinople, crosses Alexander’s path with interesting results.

Of course, there is still time travel creating paradoxes and dilemmas, and Queen Tira is still stirring mischief, although her brand of trouble has grown in power…in a very unexpected way.

Here’s a flash excerpt:

Copyright © TRACY COOPER-POSEY, 2015
All Rights Reserved

Alex felt a tugging on his sweater and looked down. Marit raised her arms up toward him and he scooped her up and hugged her. “Hello, Marit,” he told her and kissed her cheek.

She kissed him back, a soft, moist kiss on the lips. Her blue eyes, just like her father’s, were wide and serious. “Uncle Alex, did you talk to your lady? Did she say yes?”

Alex blinked, absorbing the idea that Marit knew all about his campaign to win over Sydney Stevens. He frequently underestimated just how smart Marit was. Her solemn expression and big eyes hid a child that understood far too much of the world, which was sad, for she did not experience the innocent fun she might have otherwise enjoyed.

“Yes, I spoke to my lady, missy Marit.” He gave her a little shake. “I think you’ve grown since I saw you just last week. You’re taller.”

“She’s outgrown all her clothes in the last month,” Brody said, from the depths of the comfortable chair he was sprawled in. “It’s next to impossible to keep up.”

“Doesn’t Mia buy all her clothes?” Alex asked.

Athair likes to take me shopping,” Marit said. “He likes to spoil me.”

“Does he?” Alex asked. “Spoil you, I mean.”

Marit considered for a moment, then shook her head. “Athair and Far both make me work. Very hard work. If they really wanted to spoil me, they wouldn’t make me work so hard. Because I’m only little.” Her eyes grew wider and crystalline.

Veris laughed. “You by-passed ‘little’ six years ago. Alex isn’t fooled by the big eyes, Marit. Peddle your wares to someone who doesn’t know you as well.”

Marit grinned and hugged Alex, her arms straining to squeeze his neck. “Uncle Alex likes little kids,” she said defensively.

“You’re not little anymore,” Taylor pointed out. “You’re eight years old.”

“Try eighteen, in an eight year old’s body,” Alex murmured. Then he put Marit back on her feet and looked at her. “Don’t grow up too fast, dear one. You’ll miss all the fun.”

She considered him carefully. “Then being a grown-up isn’t fun for you?”

Alex straightened up with a snap, surprised into it. He glanced at the other three adults in the room. Brody was grinning at him, and Veris studied him with a raise brow.   They weren’t going to help him out on this one. Alex cleared his throat. “Sometimes, no, life isn’t fun,” he told Marit.


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    1. Thanks, Bobby!

      Actually, it’s kinda weird. Someone has already given the book a 5 stars rating on Goodreads…and it’s not out yet. I don’t know how they think it’s so good! LOL!



  1. Great excerpt!! I just finished Kiss Across Chains and am left feeling a bit of a hangover. I am anxious to read more about Alex, Rafe and Sydney.
    Will the somewhat cliffhanger with Taylor, Brody and Veris be dealt with? MY mind is boggled. Lol. 😉

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