Only a Few More Days Left for this One Time Deal

The Tenth Anniversary Limited Editions of the Kiss Across Time series will only be available for a few more days.  Once the Kickstarter campaign closes on May 9th, the editions will not be made available on any bookstores, or on my site at SRP. 

So far the project has overfunded by more than 200%.  Thank you to everyone who has pledged to back the project so far! 

Check out the limited editions here — they’re really very pretty, and include the essays at the front, which the commercial releases do not have.

Here’s one of the interior pages:

This is for the print edition.  The ebook will not look exactly like that (most ereaders can’t handle drop caps very well at all, for example).

You’ll find the Kiss Across Time Tenth Anniversary Kickstarter here:


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