My Favourite Romantic Suspense TV Series

My Favourite Romantic Suspense TV Series

ITony & Ziva really hit a wall with this theme.

I was fine coming up with paranormal TV shows I love.  [See here for that post].

There’s just a teeny problem with my other favourite genre, romantic suspense.

(1) When it comes to suspense/intrigue in TV series, you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a dozen of ‘em.  They’re the backbone of teeveeland; everything from cop shows, detectives, mysterious, espionage….  They’re everywhere and they’re breeding out of control.  So I didn’t want to dump all the suspense & action shows I watch into a list.  That would be kind of pointless.

(2) Romantic suspense (or romantic thrillers) is a whole different kettle of fish.  A list of action or suspense series that have a decent romance in them would have been interesting.  And that’s where the problem crops up:  There aren’t any.  There are no intrigue/suspense/action series that have a decently-developed romance in there as well.  At least, not the ones I watch.

NCIS dangled Tony and Ziva for ten years straight, then killed it without so much as a kiss happening.  The replacement token female agent is married.

The Good Wife looked like it was edging into the eternal triangle – Alicia, her ex-husband Peter, and Will, her boss.  Then they killed Will off a couple of weeks ago (to the shock of just about everyone).  There’s no heat between her and her husband, so that looks like a non-starter, romance-wise.

Sherlock, one of my favourite series of all time, ever, had a characteristically stunted attempt at explaining Sherlock’s love life in one memorable episode, but Sherlock Holmes is generally asexual and the producers are sticking with that for now.  Watson wooed his wife between seasons, and wed her in the second episode, so that’s pretty much yesterday’s fish, too.

There are a lot of suspense-type series I keep half-an-eye on, but nothing in this genre has anything close to a decent romance – or even a potential romance!  There’s far more romance happening in the paranormal series I watch.

What about you?  Know of any romantically inclined action or suspense series?

6 thoughts on “My Favourite Romantic Suspense TV Series”

  1. Kensi and Deeks on NCIS:LA. Have a sort of romance going on-they got together once. On NCIS it was Cote de Pavlov decision to leave otherwise maybe they could have explored Tony and Zeva. Miss her too. But you are right-there are not too many of them anymore. Castle but I do not watch that. J

    1. Hi Janette:

      Castle — oh yes, I watch that. And it’s sweetly romantic, but now that Beckett and Castle are formally engaged, all the romantic suspense has evaporated. I still like the show, but it doesn’t really have a will-they-won’t-they? element anymore… Alas….

      Thanks for commenting!



  2. Have you thought about trying Castle?? It has quite a bit of romance along with crime solving suspense.

    1. Hi Paula:

      As I explained to Janette, above — I do do Castle. 🙂

      I’ve written about their romance elsewhere on the blog and once upon a time, it was great, wondering if they were ever going to get together.

      But that suspense has gone now.

      I’m still watching, though!



  3. ABC Castle
    FOX Bones

    never seen them but Scandal and Revenge looks good and Lifetime’s Devious Maids looks fun.

    1. Hi Kristina:

      Thanks for stopping by. There’s a couple of series names there that I don’t know. I will have to check them out.



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