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Delly’s Last Night is a Delly's Last Night by Tracy Cooper-Poseyshort erotic novel – an MF romantic suspense that features a professional thief on the last night of her career.

This will be the last night in the life of Delly Alexander. A talented cat thief, Delly cracks one safe too many. The safe belongs to an old enemy, Neal Cadogan, who catches her red-handed and ties her up while he decides what to do with her.

Neal and Delly were once lovers but the rift that separates them is filled with bittnerness. Now with Delly at his mercy, Neal takes his revenge, which reverts to a night of heated sexual need seasoned by years of lies. It is a sensual power-play with each determined to outsmart the other. But their warped passion is the key that unlocks the door on a decade-old conspiracy that will utterly change their lives.

WARNING: This book contains frequent, explicit and frank sex scenes and sexual language. It includes heart-stopping sexual scenes and light bondage.Do not proceed beyond this point if hot love scenes offend you.
PS: Don’t try this at home — the neighbours may not understand …and the police certainly won’t.

Nominated for Book of the Year –
Romance Reviews-Erotic


This is a hot, sexy and satisfying story readers will enjoy. I highly recommend you grab this one up.Romance Reviews-Erotic

This is a wonderful quick story. I read this book in one sitting and would have even if it had been 200 pages instead of 40. (It) will make you smile and I highly recommend it. Two Lips Reviews

Professional thieves are always fun to read about and this story fulfilled that promise. Just Erotic Romance Reviews

This is a short and sexy love story about old enemies and taking revenge.This is a lovely tale about learning how to trust again and believing in what the heart says. Euro Reviews

Over the years, I must have seen twenty versions of the “punish the thief with bondage” stories. But this is a slightly different take on the old standby. If you like a little bit of a thief walking on the wild side–with a twist, of course–you’ll be delighted with (this story). Novelspot

A quick, fun romp of lost and found love. With twists and turns that I didn’t see coming, What a fun read! Romance Junkies

I’ve rarely read a short story with as many unexpected and startling twists and turns as this one. The story certainly kept me entertained. eCataRomance Reviews

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