KISS ACROSS TIME Tenth Anniversary (very) Limited Edition now on Kickstarter!

The Kiss Across Time Tenth Anniversary Limited Editions series Kickstarter Campaign has just gone live this morning. 

We’ve worked on this since the beginning of the year and now we’re up and running.  Finally! 

We’ve got fabulous new covers, new interiors and I wrote introductory essays for every single book.

When you read the Story on the project page, you’ll be able to see samples of the interior and the new covers.

Plus there are two unique stretch goals attached to this project. 

But the most important thing about this Kickstarter is that once it closes, you will not be able to get the Limited Edition series anywhere else.  We will not be putting it up for retail sale later.   Not even on our SRP site. 

This is absolutely a one-time opportunity.

Check out the campaign here:


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