Early release day for high tension spy romance!

If you enjoy a little external tension testing your romantic couple, then you should like this one.

I’ll talk more about that next week, on the official release date.

But for now, if you bought your pre-order copy directly from me, then luck you:  You’ve already got your copy!

For anyone else, regardless of what ebook device you use, if you’d like to grab your copy a week before anyone on the book sites will be able to, then click the link below.

Otherwise, I’ll see you next week to talk about the book some more, on the official release date.

Enjoy the read, if you’re grabbing an early copy!

Early review quotes, buy links, excerpt for HEART STRIKE



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  1. Finally had enough funds to purchase your latest in the Kobra series as well as latest in your spin-off from the Scandalous series .

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