So, did you hear David Bowie in your mind when you read the subject line?  <wicked grin>

I’ve just emerged from one of the toughest weeks I’ve had this year, work-wise.  I let go of my old off-site shopping service, and added self-hosted shopping cart software that is far more flexible and user friendly.

It was a huge amount of work — well, any change is a huge amount of work when you have to make that change for 100+ books and stories!

But it will be worth it not just for me, but for you, too:

  • You can create and store an account on my site (like you do with Amazon), and manage your own information.
  • You can manage your shopping cart — so you can browse, and add and delete books, browse some more and come back to the cart when you’re ready.
  • BookFunnel will provide the book files, instead of downloading them from me.  If you’re not familiar with BookFunnel, this is a service that only provides downloads for readers.  That’s it.  That’s all they do.  Then they spend their time helping readers get their books onto their readers, and they’re very good at it.  If you’re using a Kindle, it’s possible to have BookFunnel send the books directly to your Kindle — no sideloading needed!
  • I can provide far more interesting and appropriate discount coupons, including coupons for new customers and bigger discounts for repeat customers.  Later on I will be setting up a points system, so you can earn your way to free books.  (Remember Fictionwise?  The points system was one of my favourite things about that long gone and still missed bookstore!)
  • I’ll also be adding in (later) one-click buying, and wishlists, so you can add virtual books to your TBR pile (you know, just in case it isn’t nearly tall enough or tottery enough already!).

Lots of benefits there for you, including far nicer browsing.  Take the new software for a spin!  “Buy” one of my free books and set up your account!

Or check out the shop.


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