18 books now available everywhere!

Today, the first of two big batches of my books hits the non-Amazon stores. There’s a whole series and a few bits and pieces:

1. The entire Kiss Across Time series is now available everywhere. This is <brace yourself> a vampire menage urban fantasy paranormal time travel romance series. <and breathe.> It’s one of my most popular series and I get a lot of emails about how much readers adore Brody and Veris, or contrariwise, prefer Alex and Rafe. I’ve yet to get emails about Remi and Neven, yet, but everyone is still getting to know them. 🙂

I’m still writing the series, a book here and there, but we’re getting toward the end of it now…which just means I get to write about the next generation. 🙂 There is one romance in particular I am really looking forward to writing, too.

2. His Parisian Mistress is a little orphan book; It’s historical and the only one of that genre and this series in today’s batch. With His Parisian Mistress now wide, that means all three of the Scandalous Family-The Victorians are now available everywhere.

3. Books 1 & 2 of the Project Kobra romantic spy thriller series are now available wide, too. The third book will be tied up with Kindle Unlimited for a while longer, as it was released after the first two went into the program.

I got a very nice review on Amazon.UK for this series the other day, that said in part:

I loved this series as much as the Vistaria series. Tracy’s writing keeps you gripped, so much detail and interesting characters. Looking forward to the next book.

A Historical Romance series


His Parisian Mistress

A Sexy Paranormal Time Traveling Urban Fantasy Romance series


Kiss Across Time

Kiss Across Swords

Time Kissed Moments

Kiss Across Chains

Kiss Box One

Kiss Across Deserts

Kiss Across Kingdoms

Time and Tyra Again

Kiss Across Seas

Kiss Box Two

Kiss Across Worlds

Time and Remembrance

Kiss Across Tomorrow

More Time Kissed Moments

Kiss Across Blades

A Romantic Thriller Suspense series


Hunting the Kobra

Inside Man


Want to hear about ALL the returns to the wild?

Because I have well over 100 titles, the process of releasing them all will continue into mid-September. From now on, I will only send news of each series to the appropriate channels (historical, SFR, paranormal, etc. — see the footer at the bottom of all my emails to pick and choose your preferred romances).

I know there were many of you deeply disappointed when I went all-in with Kindle Unlimited. I was, too, but at the time I saw it as a necessary business decision. I’m delighted that it hasn’t worked well enough to continue with it. I much prefer being available everywhere, and I think you do, too.

If you have any questions or concerns, just ask! Even if it’s just to cheer, or pelt me with olives; give me a shout! 🙂


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