A Halloween Romance giveaway. THREE TAPS, THEN….

I have a short Halloween romance that is a free download, all year round, but as it’s actually Halloween, I’m drawing your attention to it today. Noah always knocked on Aysel’s door the same way, including the last time he knocked, five hours after his funeral. A short and sweet Halloween treat. This is a […]

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Day of the Dead

“Halloween” just slides off the tongue.  When you read the word or hear it, you think kids, silly costumes, pumpkins and candy.  Or, if you have my addiction, you think, “candy, candy, candy, candy, candy…!” The word Halloween, though, is a shortened form of “All Hallows’ Eve”.  That is, the evening before All Hallows’ Day…or,

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Free Halloween Candy For You!

It’s Halloween! I can’t resist the fun of Halloween.  Even though I’ve learned to resist the copious quantities of sugar everywhere, the creepy supernatural origins of the day fit right in with paranormal themed…everything. I can’t hand out candy on the Interweb…not this century.  But I can hand out different goodies. A free short paranormal

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Today, May 13, is the day of the Lemuria, an ancient Roman festival that is probably the origins of All Saint’s Day (November 1) and Halloween (which is a contraction of All Hallows’ Eve). Lemuria was the day when the head of Roman households would walk about their household, casting black beans over their shoulders,

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Halloween Anniversaries.

It’s taken me two years to get to write about these.  Last year I got side-swiped by something that was clearly urgent and important at the time, but was apparently trivial in the long run because I can’t remember it at all now. These two events, however, we still remember.  It seems appropriate they happen

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Orson Welles Does His Creepy Stuff

On the countdown to Halloween, there is some strange stuff, indeed.  And all of it is real. Today, October 30, is the anniversary of Orson Welles’ famous 1938 radio broadcast of The War Of The Worlds*. He updated the story and made it sound like a contemporary news report, with on-site interviews and sound effects.  Unfortunately,

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Working Notes – October 31, 2011

An Unsettling Thought Or Two For Your Halloween Trick Or Treat This post was going to be about something else entirely.   It was going to be about the fact that one of the world’s greatest magicians — Harry Houdini  — capped off his brilliant career by dying on the most auspicious day of the year

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