Find it hard to buy books?

I’ve got two pieces of news for you that, if you struggle to buy books, you might find very welcome.

The first item is exciting even for me.

I get a lot of emails from readers who have downloaded one of my free books, loved it to pieces, and would absolutely, in a heartbeat, buy the next books in the series except…

  • They’re on a fixed income.
  • They’re out of work.
  • They just don’t earn enough.
  • They’re suffering through debilitating and expensive diseases.
  • They blew their budget this week/month/year on super expensive New York authors, whose publishers think three times the price of an indie title, and two dollars more than the print edition is a fine and suitable price for their ebooks.

There’s many more issues I’ve heard over the years from readers who simply can’t afford to buy my books.

I now have a solution for readers who are in this position. They can earn my books.

If you’d like to learn more, join my Discord server.

Join me on Discord.

I have a Discord server set up for readers. You. It has channels for chatting, channels for asking me anything, channels for learning how to earn brownie points. There’s a channel for my Street Team, and another for my Patreon subscribers (although they are both restricted to those specific readers).

On the Discord channel you can hear about upcoming books, see new covers when I get ’em, get snippets from upcoming books. Hear about contests, talk about books, and hang out with me.

Head here to join the server:

Discord is free. Joining my server is free. To join the Patreon channels does require a Patreon subscription, and those channels may not even appear to you when you join the server.

Cheaper books!

The second item is actually multiple items.

When COVID first broke out, I discounted the Kiss Across Time vampire time-travel PNR series because suddenly, millions of people were out of a job.

Two years later, millions of people are still out of jobs. So I’ve discount two more series for a while.

The two series are:

Scandalous Scions (Historical Romance)

Once and Future Hearts (Fantasy Romance)

All the books in the series are now discounted to $2.99 each, except the first in the series, which is free. 🙂


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