Second last big batch of books to hit all the bookstores!

This is another mixed batch, today, but they’re two whole series — minus one book.

First series here is the Beloved Bloody Time series; which is a (brace yourself) vampire menage time travel urban fantasy futuristic paranormal romance series.


It’s still wildly popular with readers, too.  Only, they’re all super steamy super sexy and explicit, just FYI.  Even some of the excerpts are R-Rated even though I tamped them down.

The second series out today is the Once and Future Hearts series.  It’s a retelling of the King Arthur story cycle, via 12 romances.  The first half of the series is back to wide today.  The second half?  Well, that’s still to be written!

This leaves just one book from the series still in Kindle Unlimited, and that’s The Abduction of Guenivere, which came out after the series went into KU.

A Menage Paranormal Time Travel Romance series


Bannockburn Binding


Byzantine Heartbreak

The Viennese Agreement

Romani Armada

Spartan Resistance

Celtic Crossing

Beloved Bloody Time

A Historical Fantasy Romance series


Born of No Man

Dragon Kin

Pendragon Rises

Once and Future Hearts Box One

War Duke of Britain

High King of Britain

Battle of Mount Badon


Want to hear about ALL the returns to the wild?

Because I have well over 100 titles, the process of releasing them all will continue into mid-September. From now on, I will only send news of each series to the appropriate channels (historical, SFR, paranormal, etc. — see the footer at the bottom of all my emails to pick and choose your preferred romances).

I know there were many of you deeply disappointed when I went all-in with Kindle Unlimited. I was, too, but at the time I saw it as a necessary business decision. I’m delighted that it hasn’t worked well enough to continue with it. I much prefer being available everywhere, and I think you do, too.

If you have any questions or concerns, just ask! Even if it’s just to cheer, or pelt me with olives; give me a shout! 🙂


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