A new spy series!

Spooks and the intelligence community they work within is one of the hardest subjects to research. Because of the secretive nature of their work, which lingers long after they’ve retired, and for the sake of the security of their country, most spooks not only don’t talk about their work, but often even their families don’t know what they do.

This holds true across all nations in the world.

A writer attempting to research the intelligence community, and to find people with expertise that she can talk to, is presented with challenges that few other writers in other subjects come across.

I have been researching around the edges of this very secretive occupation for many months.

It is a bleak world, but one thing I have learned about spooks that impressed me is that none of them do it for the glory. James Bond is a contradiction in terms–an oxymoron. He is a famous spy. In real life, he would’ve been drummed out of MI6 (which is the old name for the Secret Intelligence Service — SIS) a long time ago, because everyone knows who he is.

Spies don’t like to be called spies, because a “spy” to them is a foreign agent who betrays their country. The people you and I think of when we say “spy” call themselves spooks.

Spooks enter their profession to serve their country. Because vulnerabilities and weaknesses in character provide foreign spooks with leverage to manipulate them, spooks are usually highly disciplined people, with few severe habits or addictions.  Their family life is often nonexistent, because that is a vulnerability, too.

These often lonely, dedicated people pass through life without recognition.  Even after they die, the world rarely learns what they have done to maintain the security of their nation.

Because everyone in the intelligence community is so tight-lipped, research is next to impossible. Verifying facts doubly so.   That makes writing a spy novel a real challenge.

So of course, I wrote a spy novel.  🙂

No one is who they seem to be. No one at all…

When her lover and partner, Denis, dies in a random terrorist bombing, Quinn craves answers no one can give her.

An international businessman, Elijah Aslan, who says he once knew Denis well, seems to need the same answers. He alone understands Quinn’s pain.

Yet Aslan is not the simple businessman he appears to be. Flagged by the CIA, Aslan’s contact with Quinn sends up alarms and thrusts Quinn into the middle of an affair with unseen roots in Denis’ past, and with world-shaking consequences if Quinn doesn’t play her part perfectly…

This romantic thriller is the first book in the Project Kobra series.

Praise for Tracy’s romantic thrillers:

If you love a suspense filled romance, then definitely grab a copy

It’s a great read that will keep you in your toes and wanting to read more from the author.

Breathless, intoxicating, wonderful! Fulfills its promise! Read it in one sitting.

Non-stop adventure/suspense and a great love story, and as always, her secondary characters are well-drawn and memorable. I was truly sorry to come to the end, even though the story’s tension had kept me reading as quickly as possible.

I love when an author can keep you turning the pages furiously and trying to read ahead, LOL!

Once again Ms. Cooper-Posey pulls the reader in immediately with her fast-paced romantic suspense.

A delightful blend of romance and suspense that with each page turned seems to hurtle along at full throttle holding the reader captive and with each twist and depth of emotion turns something ordinary into the unforgettable and impossible to put down.

It has everything — action, suspense, surprises, romance! I could really see the scenes unfolding on a screen.

Hunting the Kobra will be out in March next year. This is just a first heads-up that I have started a new series, and to let you know that the book is already available for preorder on all the bookseller sites except Amazon (as usual). Amazon preorders will be available once we have past ninety days before release. I will send out another notice when that happens.

Click here to read an excerpt, and find out more about the book.

Don’t forget that if you buy the book directly from me, you get your copy a week before anyone else.  The $2.99 preorder price only holds until the release date.



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  1. I love a good spy thriller, so I’m sure this will be as great as all the other genre that you’ve written, if not better. Looking forward to reading Aslans story!

      1. I have bought them, so I’d better read them. I just got caught up in all your other books.
        Thanks for the reminder.

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