Two Releases Today!

I have two releases to tell you about, today.

First up, The Endurance Box Two, the second boxed set in The Endurance science fiction romance series, is now available in all stores, everywhere.


The second four science fiction romances in a unique series, collected together.


Rex has never been worthy of Belen’s love. Can he change that?

Life aboard the Endurance is disintegrating—unemployment, inflation, crime and destitution, all ignored by the super-rich, including Rex Julyan, the wildly successful and most hedonistic man on the ship. When Rex meets an old Artificial Intelligence called Emma, she tells him there may be a way to save the ship, but does he care enough to try? For the woman he once loved, Belen Tirrell, is now the partner of the ship’s Captain, Antonio Tyler. She left Rex to be with him, long ago. Nothing would win her back now…would it?


How does someone afraid of their own shadow become a hero and win love?

Pint-sized Noa Doria and her “loser” friends help a stranger in trouble—none other than Haydn Forney.  Haydn is the son of the most hated man on the Endurance, Fornell Acardi, leader of the psychotic Caver movement.  Strife follows Haydn everywhere.


He must choose between the woman he loves and the child he has always wanted…

Liya and Gelin have worked for ten years to find a way to live together, despite few resources and less hope.  Then Gelin learns he has been selected to become a parent…and the other parent is not Liya.


They can’t stand each other.

Devin Bronson has climbed from an abject childhood, determined to reach the pinnacle of the Endurance: the Captain’s chair. Association with the wrong people could destroy her hopes.

Adam Wary is a typical skinwalker, living hard and fast, for life can be short. When his friend Lincoln dies and leaves a message for Adam to give to a woman called Devin, Adam tries to deliver, to Devin’s horror. Lincoln’s message threatens Devin’s career and pulls Adam into the dark underbelly of the Endurance in search of the truth.

These four titles are part of the science fiction romance series readers are calling gripping, superb and fantastic.  Written by award-winning SFR author Tracy Cooper-Posey, it is set aboard the marathon-class vessel Endurance, a generation ship a thousand years from its destinationIf you like the smart, romantic SF of authors like Linnea Sinclair and Anna Hackett, you will love the Endurance series. Dive into this thought-provoking new romance series today!

This boxed set is part of The Endurance SFR series:
0.5 5,001
1.0 Greyson’s Doom
2.0 Yesterday’s Legacy
3.0 Promissory Note
3.1 Quiver and Crave
4.0 Xenogenesis
5.0 Junkyard Heroes
5.1 Evangeliya
6.0 Skinwalker’s Bane
7.0 Mongrels United…and more to come!

A Science Fiction Romance Boxed Set.

Praise for The Endurance Box Two:

The imagination of Tracy Cooper-Posey, along with her in depth and well detailed writing draw you in book after book.

Romance, action, tension and a look on sociology in a closed environment it’s really a great sci fi.

This series has such an interesting plot – a ship bound for a destination, a thousand years away.

Each book presents a different snapshot in time of a society evolving independently in space

I love the Endurance ‘world’, its people and the evolution of unexpected romances!

Each book of the Endurance series just keeps getting better and better.

I’m an Endurance series addict

This series is one of my favorites, I could happily read these stories again and again.

The author, as she always does, has magically spun four fascinating tales in this densely-detailed world of the Endurance.


You can pick up the boxed set from anywhere:

Buy from me at SRP

Buy from your preferred store


The second of today’s releases is my cancer memoir, which is a bit of a change of pace from romance, I’ll admit!

But many of you reading this post (or email, if you’re on my email list) are indirectly responsible for the book’s existence, and I explain why in the book, and the blurb, below. So, thank you — you know who you are!


Cancer is also a mental game…

Because I am an author, when I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in 2022, I unintentionally lived through my treatment, the ups and (some of) the downs, in a very public way.  Then something strange happened.

I began to get messages and emails from strangers.  Lots of strangers.  My posts and public updates, they said, were helping them deal with their own brush with cancer—as survivors, patients, caregivers, friends, family and, sometimes, as victims.

The public updates were necessarily short and severely edited.  This book is an unedited chronology of everything I dealt with to arrive where I am today. Woven through the public posts are the raw facts and events I didn’t include in the updates.  I’ve also included my hugely subjective opinions on some of the extremes cancer patients and their caregivers go through and how it changes you.

Looking for a different way to think about cancer?  Try mine.

A Cancer Memoir


Praise for Tracy’s fiction and non-fiction:

Cooper-Posey’s writing is always brilliant.

Creative and Amazing!

I really love how original Tracy manages to be.

You’re an inspiration, so keep doing what you’re doing!

WOW, even in this stressful time you’re still on top of it.

Man you are so full of all kinds of information. As always, I found this very interesting and enlightening.


For today, Cancer Curated is only available for sale on Stories Rule Press. It is also available for pre-order on all other stores, and will be released in late January.

Buy from me at SRP

Pre-order at your preferred retail store

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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