New, Fresh and Different…

Oh, this one took so long to come out!

Mostly, that is because there was no pre-order period, so everything sat in abeyance for ages and ages, until the sudden flurry of action this last week.

It’s been a bit chaotic, because I’m not used to releasing books without a pre-order, which means everything I take weeks to set up for most normal books, I had to do in two days, for this one.

But this is not a normal book.

His Parisian Mistress is the first book in the second spin off series created by the characters and situations in the original Scandalous Sirens series.

The first spin off series was Scandalous Scions, which finish late last year.

I don’t know about you, but I find that many TV series, after the first two or so seasons, get a bit…well, predictable.

So I tried very hard with this series to make sure there were fresh new elements to vex the heroes and heroines.

One early review said:

“His Parisian Mistress is the third generation series since the first Scandalous Sirens books, nevertheless she has managed to turn this story into something fresh and new! This story opens the new series Scandalous Scions: The Victorians. Always keeping the standard quality writing of her other series. And she has no qualms in dealing with characters, either. It teaches us about love and family and courage.

Unlike any other romance book the author has no compunction in writing about impoverished peers and how they struggle in their newfound situation. It’s a completely new scenario and I love it. Richard and Eve are a delightful couple and I can’t wait to learn more from the rest of the very extended Great Family!”

–Beatriz, a reader.

Apparently, I pulled it off. 🙂

The family faces financial disaster, social ruin and much more…

When Richard Devlin’s older brother, Vaughn, is imprisoned for fraud, the consequences tear apart the Great Family, bringing ruin and more. Richard’s future is also destroyed. Penniless and angry, he wanders Europe, until he finds himself in a Paris café watching a pretty singer…

Eve Martel Davies, posing as a café singer called Evelyn, barely recognizes her second cousin. Eve’s family take Richard in, but Eve knows Richard needs more than a warm bed and new clothes. She devises a way for Richard to assist her with her work for the Sûreté, which she suspects will help Richard find himself again. The scheme involves Eve posing as Richard’s mistress, but the truth is very different…

This book is part of the Scandalous Family—The Victorians. This is the second spin-off series to feature a new generation of the Great Family, who are now scattering across Europe and beyond in search of adventure…and love.

This story is part of the Scandalous Family—The Victorians series:
1.0 His Parisian Mistress
2.0 Her Rebellious Prince
…and more to come!

A Sexy Victorian Era Historical Romance

Praise for previous Scandalous series:

If you haven’t started this series, start right now and you will fall in love with this very unconventional family during a time when rules, etiquette and unwritten rules had to be followed or the lack of them would bring scandal and ruin to an entire family.

I love these books. Tracy creates these characters so well and with such care. I really recommend reading this series.

I am overwhelmed by how much I have enjoyed this series so far. It was not superficial fluff as I thought it might be when I began. Cooper-Posey books have touched on so many universal themes.

Her characters are admirable people who love their family and are capable of deep romantic love as well.

I just love this series and the books just keep getting better and better. This series takes us on a romp through historical times, which I love.

If you haven’t read this magnificent series you must do so now; you will love each story, be moved by each of them, fall in love with the heroines and heroes, you will cheer for them and just as loudly boo the villains.

Love this series and have bought them all.

This entire series is filled with so much love for each other and family, that there is no way you cannot be emotionally drawn into each story.

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  1. Ordered from your site, hope to began reading next week. I know i will love it; your historical romance books are always amazing.

    In another note, I miss your more personal interaction with your fans and team members.

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