New Romantic Suspense Covers.

Romantic Suspense is such a great genre — the high stakes fuels high emotions and everything sizzles, including the hero and heroine, because truth is stripped bare by the desparate circumstances.

I love writing the stuff.

The Romantic Thriller Collection, which I published a few years ago now, has had a mini-update.  I’ve changed the cover for Dead Again, the first book in the series (right).

I’ve also repackaged the series box set, Thrilling Affair. (left).

Later on in the year, I will likely replace the remaining three covers, but I like them as they are right now, so I’ll let them stay a bit longer.

I’ve already decided to add to this collection, so late in 2018, the first of another four books will be issued.

Newsletter subscribers received a discount for both Dead Again and Thrilling Affair, this week.

Check out the series and get ahead of my publishing schedule!


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