King Arthur – last chance before going wide.

This will be the last Countdown Deal I can do for Amazon readers before the entire King Arthur series (better known as Once and Future Hearts) is unsubbed from Kindle Unlimited and returns to all retailers, everywhere.

The deal is for Amazon US and UK readers only, or those readers who can shop on those two Amazons. Sorry, everyone else, but if you hang in a bit, I’ll have a deal for the other retailers when the series is wide (and for all the books in the series, everywhere, not just these two).

Once and Future Hearts series

So, Book 1, Born of No Man, and Book 2, Dragon Kin are both $0.99/£0.99 until July 19th.


This is, unfortunately, only for US and UK readers (or those who can buy books from or Please shout at Amazon if this annoys you–they limit the distribution of Countdown deals and penalize me if I discount manually. If everyone complains enough, maybe they’ll spread the love.

BUT, if you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can download both books at your local Amazon.

Only a few days, so don’t hesitate!


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