On the Road: Riverina Romantics

Road Through Forest

Today, for the book tour for Kiss Across Chains, I’m guesting at another new-to-me review site:  Riverina Romantics.  Come and give them a once over, and see what you think.  They cover the full gamut of romances, so you may find something you like there.

And don’t forget the big book tour contest!

1) $30 Amazon gift certificate

2) $15 Amazon gift certificate

3) a signed print set of the Kiss Across Time series (if the winner is in North America) or an ecopy of the set.

4-10)  6 ebook sets of the Kiss Across Time series.



4 thoughts on “On the Road: Riverina Romantics”

  1. Great “On the Road Again” Really liked the vacations to the past. There are a few places I would like to go, but you are right we just wouldn’t fit in, but it would be fun to try.

    1. I would *love* to time travel! But yeah, heading back to anywhere more than a couple of decades ago, and you run smack into all sorts of cultural problems.

      Then, I didn’t even mention the number of viruses and infections you might meet that humans of the 21st century simply don’t have the antibodies for.

  2. Nicole Laverdure

    Riverina Romantics is one of my favorite place to discover new-to-me authors. I just saw your book and I feel interested to read it! thank you for this contest, it is a great way for the author to discover new readers and for me your books! I would very much love to read signed print set of the Kiss Across Time series and review them! Have fun touring! nlaverdure88@videotron.ca

    1. Hi Nicole:

      Thanks for wandering back to my site and leaving a comment. 🙂

      Good luck in the contest!



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