💗 It’s Valentine’s Day – 13 Romances Featuring Chocolate! 💗

It's a double whammy.  I love chocolate, I write romances, and Valentine's Day wraps up the two very neatly. So it's hard to ignore the day even though many people chose to by-pass the fuss because it's a "Hallmark" day. While I don't rush out and send cards, handmake chocolates and wrap them in home-designed

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Happy Heart Day

It's kinda hard to ignore this day, since it's so closely aligned with Romanceland sentiments. Hope there's someone special in your life to hug today! Have a great day. Cheers, t.

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What Are You Doing for Your Dear One?

Screw the chocolates. They just add calories where you don’t want them. It’s Valentine’s Day. Are you surprising your other half, this year? Or hoping to be surprised? Or ignoring the day altogether for one reason or another? If it’s been a while since you did something nice for someone (doesn’t have to be a

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Happy Valentine’s!

I couldn't let Valentine's Day slip by unremarked.  It is, after all, the epitome of romance. I hope you have a great day, filled with bon-bons and roses...and I hope you have an even better evening!  ;) ________________

Happy Valentines Day

This should probably be considered the national day for romance readers.  It features two of the crucial ingredients any self-respecting romance lover considers essential:  love and chocolate. Which reminds me of the first and original RomantiCon convention I went to.  There was a chocolate smorgasboard (yes, you read that right). One buffet of chocolate and

BLOOD KNOT Nominated Paranormal Romance Of The Year (CAPA Awards)

Mark was the one that pointed the nomination out to me, which is staggering, under the circumstances.  He noticed one of his contacts on Facebook talk about missing out on a CAPA nomination this year.  He remembered that the CAPAs are a big deal in the romance world, and flipped over to The Romance Studio's

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