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NewsletterBoatHow not to miss out on deals and freebies.

I got an interesting email from a reader the other day, wondering where she could find the pre-order promotion for Blood Revealed.

I swapped a few emails with her while I tried to figure out why she hadn’t received the special offer.

Then the penny dropped.  She wasn’t subscribed to my newsletter.  She was only subscribed via email to the blog feed.

Is there a difference?  You betcha there is.

To start, if you’re wondering which one you’re currently reading, I’m happy to tell you that this is the blog feed.  Something like 98% of everyone who follows my blog receives the blog posts via email (much more convenient!), but that makes it confusing, because all the newsletters come by email, too.

So. This is a blog post.  I post here every three or four days, sometimes more often, depending on what’s happening, hot news, etc.,

Newsletters only go out once a week, with an occasional extra newsletter around release dates.

Should you be on both?  Or is one better than the other?

Which one or both depends on what you want from either of them.

The blog has frequent small posts, with fast breaking news, lots of gossip about me and my family, and my books, lots of history stuff (xxx happened on this day xxx years ago, for e.g.), and series posts that deal with the heavier subjects like the tech series I’m currently running.

The blog site, by the way, is where you can find long lists of every book I’ve ever published, grouped into series, subject and category, along with blurbs and excerpts for every single book, and a lot of articles about reading and writing.  To get to those, though, you’ll have to actually come here to the site.  You won’t be able to access them via email.

The newsletter, on the other hand, is primarily a place where I (a) announce new releases first, before I announce anywhere else, including the blog, (b) offer deals and promos and freebies to subscribers only and (c) recruit my Street Team.

There are benefits to subscribing to both the blog and the newsletter, depending on what you’re looking for.

I keep all the special deals for newsletter subscribers only because the blog is open to the public, so I can’t differentiate between who is subscribed and who is a casual passer-by.  But all the really useful information and series is here.


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Blood Revealed Special Pre-Order Promo

There IS a special deal for Blood Revealed, for newsletter subscribers only, and it’s open until March 3, the official release date.  If you’d like to take advantage of the deal, then email me when you’re subscribed, and I’ll give you all the details.

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