New Binge-able Fantasy Romance

I just love the covers Dar Albert has designed for the Once and Future Hearts series. I keep studying them and finding more and more cool details. For example, if you blow the cover up really big and just look at the border–the scrollwork and detail just in the border is amazing.

Then there’s the detail around the gems in the crown, at the top.

It’s like those fractal images that were all the craze in the twenty-oughts–where you can keep going deeper and deeper into the detail. Remember those?

If you don’t, here’s a sample:

You can find lots more if you search on Google for fractal images. Some of them have amazing colours, too.

Anyway; today Once and Future Hearts Box Three is released on all retailers, everywhere.

Buy from me at SRP

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Tip: If you buy from me, you can swing by the front page of Stories Rule Press and pick up the 10% off coupon code there. Or you can use your reward points for a discount.

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