Some quick housekeeping

In the last week or so, I’ve been having major problems with all the author sites at Stories Rule Press, which were hosted by a different company than the Stories Rule Press site itself, which requires specialized hosting, because of the store.

The host where all the author sites were housed culminated months of deteriorating service by going completely dark this morning (as I write this). 

But I had already started making moves to get the sites away from that host a couple of weeks ago.  I’ve been working pretty long hours, and managed to get all but two sites (both minor) from the host company before they went belly-up.   I’ll wait to see if the host comes back online, or if I have to rebuild the sites from scratch (getting the domains back will be interesting).

I mention all this because I know of at least one reader who tried to access right in the middle of migrating it to the new host and got all sorts of scary notices about my site not being “secure” and trying to redirect him away from the site.

This was simply migration hiccups. The SSL certificate that tells Google the site is safe can’t be installed until the site is fully migrated, which can take over 48 hours.

You might notice a few more squeaks and wiggles over the next week or so, as I’ll be working in the background to completely rebuild the site to make it lighter and faster.  It’s already a bit faster than it was with the old host, with no changes, which is a sad statement about a service I have been using for over a decade….

 At the same time this week, because the universe didn’t think I was challenged enough, I also had a trojan virus invade my laptop.  I twigged when the third site I’ve been using for years logged me out and insisted I re-log in…then wouldn’t take my password, insisting I reset and type out a password, not copy and paste. 

I got rid of the trojan in a hurry, and managed to avert any major disasters, but I’ve also been cleaning out all my passwords and adding Two Factor Authentication to any site that will let me use it.


And on a personal note;  This week really has been a doozy.  After twelve hours in the ER, I learned that my baby immune system caught a pneumonia bug somewhere, and I have either viral or bacterial pneumonia, which explains why I’ve felt like I’ve been dragging a house behind me every time I try to do anything for the last few weeks.

But I’m writing regularly — I know you’ll appreciate this news.  I seem to have found the way to write despite the world caving in around me, which it certainly was, this week!

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