The Latest Scandal Hits The Shelves

Book 7 of the Scandalous Scions series was released a few days ago. I've mentioned before and elsewhere how much fun I had writing this particular book.  It was one of those bonus books that authors sometimes talk about, when the story "falls out" of them. That's what Season of Denial did for me.  Unlike many of

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Book Two in My King Arthur Historical Romance Series Is Now out!

There have been some fantastic reviews for this second book, Dragon Kin. Also, I can see that many people are heading back to book one, Born Of No Man, and picking that up, too. Dragon Kin came out just over a week ago. If you like King Arthur, and you like historical romance, and you

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Absolutely Stunning Epic Read – Prepare to be Awed!!

The title of this post, by the way, is not something I said, but a reviewer.  :) When I first started inhaling fiction in every second of my spare time, the only books being released were from traditional publishers. Anthologies back then often had a long, in-depth foreword by the editor, and an additional note

The latest Scandalous Scions historical romance is now released!

Veil of Honor, book 6 of the Scandalous Scions series, was released a week ago, and the response was staggering. It has broken all my personal sales records for new releases. It reached as high as #16 on the Hot New Releases list, and is still midway up the list, ten days later. It has 63 reviews

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Love King Arthur? Try this!

I love and adore the King Arthur mythology, and have since I was quite young. So it is a thrill to sink into the stories and recreate the tale my way -- in this case, via twelve romances. Why twelve books? Arthur fought twelve battles, culminating in the Battle of Badon Hill, before Britain was free

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More Romantic Suspense. More Hot Latin Heroes. More Military Muscle.

Freedom Fighters, book 4 of the Vistaria Has Fallen series, was released just over a week ago and has already snagged some fantastic reviews.  Here's some snippets. Oh and a little something extra from Mother Nature thrown in just for added fun. The tension ramps up with each book in this series. If you enjoy

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New Historical Victorian Romance now out!

Law of Attraction, the fifth book in the Scandalous Scions series was released last Thursday in print and ebook. I'm having so much fun with this series!  Most of the fun is in the research, for which I geek out. But there's also fun writing it and putting people through hell and back! Here's a few juicy

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