ADELAIDE BECKET’S ADVENTURES now available everywhere, plus one more book to tell you about

I don’t usually like to crowd in the items into posts — it’s too cluttered.  By the time you get to the bottom of, say, five items, you’ve forgotten what was in the first. 

But there is just two items today, and I simply couldn’t find a way to separate them out other than sending another email, and I like to keep emails short and few, these days. 

  1. ADELAIDE BECKET’S ADVENTURES now released everywhere.

Today is the retail release day for the Adelaide Becket’s Adventures boxed set and omnibus. 

Unlike my usual boxed sets, this one is also available in print from both me at SRP and at your usual print purchase points. 

The first seven Lady Adelaide stories in one volume.

As Europe draws toward war, an extraordinary woman steps into the arena. In Edwardian England, Lady Adelaide Azalea Margaret de Morville, Mrs. Hugh Becket, lately of the Cape Colony, was born the daughter of an Earl, but is now the widow of a commoner. She straddles two worlds, speaks fluent German, and can ride, hunt and shoot. Her talents draws the eye of spymaster William Melville, who recruits her to help him fight a shadow game with German agents both at home and aboard, as Europe heads toward an inevitable conflict…

A Historical Suspense Espionage Omnibus

The Adelaide Becket series.
1: The Requisite Courage
2: The Rosewater Debutante
3: The Unaccompanied Widow
4: The Lavender Semaphore
5: The Broadcloth Midnight
6: The Salinghall Error
7: The Indecent Agent
7.5: Adelaide Becket’s Adventures
…and more to come.
An Edwardian Suspense Espionage series

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Up until now, the set was only available on SRP.  Today, it is now available at all retailers in both print (omnibus) and ebook (Boxed set).

Buy from Me @ SRP!

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Are You A Writer?

Are you a writer, or aspiring to be one?  You might find the other book that was released today (this one, just on SRP for a bit).   This is a product of the information I have been compiling on the Productive Indie Fiction Writer blog for a few years now.

The Productive Indie Fiction Writer

Strategies for Writing More, Earning More, and Living Well

Proven tactics from an author of 200+ fiction titles.

Is your indie writing business overwhelming you?  Are you flailing, looking for the way to increase your revenue?

Are you constantly buying courses, watching webinars and wondering how to get ahead?

There is so much information available for indies that, often, we don’t know where to start or who to trust.

Dip into The Productive Indie Fiction Writer and learn how to deal with everything that comes at you on a daily basis.  Get back control of your writing career not by adopting yet another system, or buying yet another expensive technological solution, but by going back to basics.

Get organized.  Get a handle on your writing business…and your life.

Writing, Research & Publishing Guides | Publishing & Books | Authorship

The book is available for immediate purchase on SRP, in both print and ebook.  It will be released on all other retail sites on December 28th.

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