Risk of Ruin

We’re Getting Close To The End…

I just returned from Calgary a few days ago, where I attended the When Words Collide conference. It’s my third year, and I did a lot of running around, participating in panels and conducting workshops. I made a rather large ooops, though. I left my flat shoes at home. Which wouldn’t be such a great deal, I guess,

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I *Do* Listen!

Happy 4th of July to all my USA readers! — I get a lot of emails from all my readers, asking a great many questions, and often registering your opinion about a great many things. Currently, everyone is a bit outraged about Amazon’s review policy, the language found in historical novels, and that the end

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Is It Really About Me?

I found myself in interesting territory, while writing the eleventh installment of the Scandalous Scions series. The heroine in the story is an artist, and facing the age-old decision of art-or-everything-else. I’m not a painter, but my daughter-in-law is a talent, prize-winning artist, so I’ve picked up odd bits here and there about the art

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