The White-Haired Girl From Witcher…

The White-Haired Girl From Witcher... This is just one of about six teaser graphics I did for the release of High King of Britain, (you can find the rest here, by scrolling down the posts) and I was thrilled about this one in particular, because the model in the stock photo I used to build the

Back By Popular Demand

Back By Popular Demand! I've had a lot of emails and Facebook PMs asking me about the Facebook Live sessions, which I had let slide unnoticed over the horizon. Apparently, everyone misses them. So, to celebrate the launch of High King of Britain, I'll hold a chat on Facebook tonight at 6pm MDT (timezone conversion here).

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Multiple Release Week Deals!

Multiple Release Week Deals! I'm in love with my characters again. It doesn't always happen with every book, and sometimes, I get invested in a secondary character, who won't shut up, and end up giving him his own story. The only problem with writing in a series set in a universe that is as well

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