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High Elves


A female High Elf

I have been running this site for over twenty years, since I first was published. The blog section of the site (that you’re reading now–and possibly, you’re reading it as an email), has had a couple of iterations. I started a blog when I was first published and many of the posts in this series were written then. The blog went away for one reason or another, but came back to life in a rush in March 2011. That’s because I began indie publishing.

I will be re-writing and updating the entire series. Because the posts from the original series were scattered across various locations, this will let me bring them back as a cohesive collection.

I may even add some species to the series, as I’ve been reading Taylen Carver’s fantasy novels, and they feature species I don’t think I’ve included in this series. (They feature a lot of supernatural and fantasy species!)

We’re starting with High Elves, although there is no significant order to how I’ll present them.


Wikipedia defines High Elves as:

…a tall, slim and regal built race. They are seen as a noble race, and tend to be beautiful or handsome in appearance. Elves are a paled skinned race. Elves are strong and agile in comparison with humans and are often seen as more intelligent and wiser. Elves have a longer life span than humans do. Elves build refined weapons that are seen as master craftsmanship by other races. They use swords, bows and lances mainly they don’t like using crossbows or gunpowder weapons.

Wikipedia – altough the original entry has been adjusted.

High Elves should be instantly familiar to mass audiences everywhere in the world now thanks to Peter Jackson, who made them famous through his adaptation of The Lord of the Rings.  

J.R.R. Tolkein stole High Elves from Nordic mythology almost unchanged.  He even gave them an undying land to escape to when they were weary of Middle Earth

Tolkein’s Middle Earth is a version of Midgard, the Nordic mythological name for Earth.  In Nordic mythology, the High Elves live in Álfheimr, apart from humans, but they interact from time to time. Álfheimr is Tokein’s Undying Lands.

Elves in modern, popular fiction have grown beyond this sketchy cultural framework into a staple race of high fantasy.  They’re sometimes seen in fantasy romance, in urban fantasy romance and in paranormal romance.

Elves make great good guys and gals, and excellent romance heroes. Although they could also make very good bad guys….

My books that feature elves:

Any of the books in the Destiny’s Trinities series.

For most of my writing career, I have avoided writing about elves because it seemed too easy and too cliche to include them. Everyone was doing it, including Peter Jackson.

I may relax this prohibition in later series.

What are your favourite romances that feature elves? Tell me in a comment, below, so everyone else can see your recommendations.

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