Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian Readers — and discounts for *everyone*

It’s Canada Day.  For certain.  I checked.  Twice.  🙂

If you are subscribed to my email list and receive the BookFunnel giveaway emails, then you already know about my big oops last month and my apology. 

If you don’t receive the BookFunnel emails, then you should know I covered myself in (not) glory on June 1st this year by wishing everyone north of the 49th parallel a happy Canada Day.  🙂

I write emails and blog posts a long way in advance, and I work seven days a week, so the fact that it was only June 1st, not July 1st, completely escaped me.

The most interesting part about it was the number of non Canadians who contacted me to sweetly point out that Canada Day was a whole month away yet.

Today is Canada’s 153rd anniversary.  Therefore, I’m offering a coupon for a 15.3% discount on all my books set in Canada.

They are:

Fatal Wild Child (Romantic Suspense)

Solstice Surrender (PNR, steamy)

Zoe’s Blockade (PNR, steamy)

​Also, as an added bonus, if you like your urban fantasy “straight”, you might be interested in this series from fellow SRP author Taylen Carver, which is set in my home province of Alberta:

​The Harley Firebird urban fantasy series:

1.0: The Dragon of Falconer
2.0: The Orc Who Cried
3.0: The Shepherd of Fire
4.0: The Mad Folk of Falconer
5.0: The Badge of Our Tribe
5.5: Harley Firebird Files
6.0: The Firebird’s Regret

The coupon code is TJT2DRQP, and will be active only for this week, and expires at midnight MDT on July 8th. It is only valid for the titles above, on the SRP site.


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