A Book Subscription Service that ISN’T Kindle Unlimited (and why you’ll like this one).

I’ve been trying to squeeze in this news before now, but there’s so much going on right now that this was the soonest I could let you know about it.

Therefore, some of you will already know that Kobo has now opened its subscription service, Kobo Plus, to Canadian readers. Kobo Plus is very similar to Kindle Unlimited, but with some unique twists, which I’ll outline below.

And I just realized that this is the second Canadians-only email I’ve done in the last little while. I’m not on an exclusionary bent, honest! It’s just coincidence. Stick with me and read this through, even if you’re not in Canada, because when Kobo open Plus up to everyone, you’ll be there ready to leap.

If you’re Canadian, and even if you don’t buy your books on Kobo, here’s why you might consider subscribing to Kobo Plus anyway.

  1. Kobo Plus is non-exclusive for authors: This is the major positive for Kobo Plus. Authors are free to enroll their books in Plus no matter where else they sell them (while KU restricts authors to just Amazon and ruthlessly polices infractions).This means that you’ll find the same books in Kobo Plus that you find in your library, and on your normal bookshelves. Including Amazon. That gives you some real reading options.
  2. Kobo Plus books can be read on Kobo reading apps, not just Kobo readers. So even if you use a Kindle tablet, you can still download the Kobo reading app and install it on your tablet, and read Kobo Plus books.
  3. There is also a desktop reading app for those of you with desktop computers. That includes me–I read a lot of non-fiction help and technical books on my desktop and take notes as I read, so Kobo Plus (which includes non-fiction as well as romance novels) is great for research.


The style and variety of romances you find outside the Amazon ecosystem are somewhat different from the KU romances. If you’ve never shopped outside Amazon before, you might be surprised by the differences. And here’s the best thing:

  1. Kobo Plus is free for 30 days trial. That means you can sample the romances you can get on Kobo Plus (and outside Amazon) and see if they suit you.

You can learn more about Kobo Plus and subscribe for your free trial here.



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