Watch Out, 2015!

my logoI didn’t make resolutions for 2015. Not this year. The statistics are against me keeping them. 90% or more New Year Resolutions are abandoned by Valentine’s Day.

I thought I’d dodge the bad odds and do something different, instead.

I made an intentions list.

It’s long, but each item on the list only gets put into practice one at a time, spaced sensibly apart. And each item is small, something that seems easy to do, and therefore had a great chance of actually being done.

In our fractured, frantic world today, it seems to me that change happens in tiny increments, because that’s all the time you can spare to focus on new behaviours. If you keep tackling the small change, it adds up to real buying power. (Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun).

I hope you’re looking forward to your 2015 as much as I am looking forward to mine. (and the sheer number of books I want to write in 2015 has a lot to do with that!).

Happy New Year!



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