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Since the demise of my Sony eReader (yes, the battery squawked and died, so the reader is a ghost now), I’ve been forced to read any ePub format books on my netbook, using the Adobe Digital Library software, as the universe as seen fit not to provide a decent ePub format reader for Blackberry Storm cellphones yet.  The major inconvenience is driving me crazy.

But, I was interviewed recently for Two Lips Reviews (which will go public some time in April) and that interview guilted me into picking up again Wayne Dyer’s You’ll See It When You Believe It, as a way of combating negativity and disapproval. Yes, yes, I really am an insecure writer!

On my desk right now:  Guerrilla Marketing for Writers.  An oldy but a goodie.  I bought it before ebooks were really much of a thought in anyone’s minds, so now I’m stuck with the paper copy. <grin>

On my cellphone, in the Mobipocket reader:  The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress by Robert Heinlein.  Going back to my SF roots.

And on my cellphone in the eReader:  Moon Kissed by Michele Hauf, a  Harlequin Nocturnes title.  I’ve only just started it — literally a page or two in.  I made the mistake of buying the second one in a series, so I’m not sure I’ll be getting much further on, though.  I keep going back to Heinlein instead.




2 thoughts on “What I’m Reading”

  1. I tried to read a book on my iphone and I just couldn’t do it! My eyes got tired after 15 min and I didn’t like what I was reading. When that happens I usually, in disgust (or anger) throw my book against the wall, can’t to do that with my phone or any e-book reader for that matter!! I guess I’m old & melodramatic, LOL! P.S. I do like to read on the computer screen though mmmm…I wonder how that works? LOL

    1. Hi Aneesa:

      See, I don’t like reading on my computer screen! Not for long pieces, like novels, anyway. Sitting in one position in the chair gets uncomfortable, and I start to twitch. I like to sprawl and get comfortable when I’m reading fiction and at least have the illusion I’m reading for pleasure even if the reading I’m doing is not — and often the fiction I read is for market research, critiquing or something else. But fiction…I do like to read anywhere else BUT my computer.

      So yeah, I’m trying to find a solution for reading all my ePub files on my cellphone right now.

      I really think, though, I’m stuck with waiting until June.

      I don’t ever remember tossing a book in anger, however, even when they were paperbacks. My best revenge was (a) never buy that author again and (b) tell *everyone* how much they sucked. Word of mouth can kill a a book. Sad but true.



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