MMF Parents Declared Legal In Canada

I have been dying to tell you about this, ever since I heard about it.  A reader who knows my novels very well forwarded me the tidbit. Three adults in a polyamorous relationship in Newfoundland, Canada, have all been declared legal parents of a child born into the relationship. Even more interesting, and something I did […]

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G’day, Mate, I’m Canadian!…Eh!

I received a surprise letter in the snail mail box last week — my Canadian citizenship application was granted and I was to swear my oath on December 18th. This was a surprise because the process had been super-fast.  Most citizenship applications take 18 months to work their way through the system, but I applied

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Happy Canuck Turkey Day!

I really cannot believe how fast this year is flying by.  Thanksgiving Day already! I hope everyone north of the 49th parallel is enjoying their day off, hanging with family or friends (or both) and appreciating life for all its joys and foibles. Have a great day! __________

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Working Notes – My Life December 19

So Mark hits me with the news that he had to pick up some wrestler from the airport at the crack of dawn on Saturday, and because they’re not heading to Red Deer for the evening’s show until noon (Red Deer is only a couple of hours south of here), said wrestler would have to

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Photos of the Damned

Passport photos.  Ugh.  Have you ever seen good ones?  Even beautiful people are reduced to ugly on the details page of their passport.  And no, you’re not getting to see mine. <shudder>  I realize why you’re not allowed to smile in them (have you ever smiled at an Immigration Officer?), but for some reason, authorities

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