Photos of the Damned

Passport photos.  Ugh.  Have you ever seen good ones?  Even beautiful people are reduced to ugly on the details page of their passport.  And no, you’re not getting to see mine. <shudder>  I realize why you’re not allowed to smile in them (have you ever smiled at an Immigration Officer?), but for some reason, authorities seem to go out of their way to ensure that people look as unflattering as possible in their passport photos.

And why am I obsessing about passport photos?

Well, I’m starting to think about packing.  It’s the 15th, and on May 2 Mark and I head to Western Australia for the rest of May.  It’ll be my first trip back since I came to Canada in 1996.  It’ll be Mark’s first time in Australia at all.

So I’m looking at my passport photo and wondering…is that what they’re going to see?  And what am I going to see?

I’ve heard of people going back “home” after such a long time, and hating it, because it’s changed so much and people have dared to move on and have very nice lives without them.

I’ve also heard the opposite.  People who have gone home, realized how much they’ve internally pined for what they’ve left behind, and now have a serious dilemma on their hands because they really want to stay, but they have a whole established life in their new country.

Or neither of the above could happen.  I could have a very nice trip, and be glad to step on the plane back home to Canada.

That’s what goes through my mind when I flip open my passport and see that ugly, ugly photo.

I confess, I’m a bit nervous.

2 thoughts on “Photos of the Damned”

  1. How wonderful, Tracy. And just the possibility that the trip will be even more than you imagined, makes the whole process pretty exciting. Seeing everything thru Mark’s eyes will bring a whole new perspective, too, and give both of you some wonderful memory days.

    1. I’m going with as open a mind as possible, Cathy. It’s been a very long time. I’m sure things have changed a lot – including the people. So I’ll just switch to “receive” and see what happens!


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