My Life

My Life – Redux

So you might have noticed a little pause in blog posts this last week. That was the sound of my life catching up with me. I’ve been sewing dresses for weddings, attending weddings, and took the first vacation in about five years where I actually stayed at home. So what did I do at home?

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My Life/Working Notes – July 18, 2014

By the time you read this post, I’m hoping that the first draft of THE book – you know, the one that’s taken me months, so far – The Branded Rose Prophecy – should be finished. It’s that iceberg principle all over again. It took weeks and weeks to get the research, plotting and outline

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My Life – Working Notes: July 8 2013

I’m pretty handy with a computer, but this weekend was a new adventure.  My old desktop — “old” being four years old, which is ancient in computer terms — anyway, the desktop recently blew a gasket:  One of the 500Gb hard drives curled up its toes and died. That left 500Gb of storage left, of

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Photos of the Damned

Passport photos.  Ugh.  Have you ever seen good ones?  Even beautiful people are reduced to ugly on the details page of their passport.  And no, you’re not getting to see mine. <shudder>  I realize why you’re not allowed to smile in them (have you ever smiled at an Immigration Officer?), but for some reason, authorities

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