Sassy Story Starter Sunday

If you're a writer, you might find this an interesting exercise.  I'm Spotlight Author of the month over at An Alternative Read this month, and today, I've supplied the story starter for the Sassy Story Starter Sunday exercise.  It's a short piece of the beginning of a story, that you can use to fire up

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Find Out What My Desk Looks Like

Had a yen to see where I work and how I crank out the books?  Well, now you can.  No, it doesn't look anything like Napoleon's desk on the left. (I wish!) But if you hop over to An Alternative Read today, where I'm the featured author this month, you'll see actual photographs of my

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Just An Old Fashioned Geek

Today I'm taking part in An Alternative Read's Author Blog Hop, as part of my Blood Knot tour. The question all the authors participating in the hop are answer is:  What software and applications help you write your masterpieces?  What do you wish you could afford?  What do you regret buying?  And what ebook reader

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