Friday’s Mash

Goodies I’ve found from chatting and cruising this week:


Kindle SpiceOnly the Hottest Books for Your Kindle.  Pretty self explanatory.  They have some ads, but it seems to be exactly what it says.  And their logo, a play on the Kindle logo, is cute.

Time Management Ninja – Clean, well laid out, and not overly complicated.  Good site.

The Jeep Diva.  A new-to-me romance review site.  Vanessa enjoys reading, Paranormal Romance | Erotic Romance (ménage, paranormal or contemporary) | M/M Romance |  Apocalypse (love zombie apocalypse!) | Horror | Sci Fi Romance.  Rachel enjoys reading:  Paranormal Romance | Sci-Fi | Horror | Urban Fantasy.  But they will review (they say) almost anything interesting that comes their way, plus giveaways, interviews, guest posts and other events.

Hanging with Bells.  Another new-to-me review site.  Bells primarily reads Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy. Also enjoys reviews Contemporary Romance as well as Young Adult books.

Guilty Pleasures.  Third review site I’ve come across.  They say: “We read contemporary mainstream romances and erotic romances, paranormal romances and mysteries. HOWEVER, we are not  book snobs, if it looks interesting we will read it.”  So you should be able to find some good recommendations there for just about anything.

Interesting Posts/Articles

The 5 Worst Fantasy Novel Cliches

Prince Charming Is Kind Of A Jerk

Are Paperbacks Worth It? (An author discussion, but no reason readers can’t weigh in).

New to Me Indie Romance Authors

Michelle Hughes – Vampires

Melissa Smith – Paranormal Romance

Facebook Groups

Period Drama/Romance Movies


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    1. Hey, you’re welcome! It’s a bit hard to resist someone with a sense of humour big enough to call themselves the Jeep Diva, anyway.



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